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An Unexpected Incident
Last Sunday at about four plus in the morning, I had an unforgettable experience of my life. Two friends and I were involved in a car accident.

We were travelling along the expressway when suddenly, the wheels of the car gave way. The car, travelling at 200km/hr hit the bend of the expressway and skidded towards the road shoulder. I felt my face got hit by something hard and the next thing I knew, I started bleeding profusely. I was terrified. I tried to get out of the car from the inside but I could not. My friend came out of the car from the back seat and opened the door.

The bleeding actually came from my nose as I got hit on the face directly. I was then sent to the clinic instead of the hospital due to certain certain reasons. While waiting for my turn, I could feel my whole body cold and shivering. Luckily, I only had a minor head injury and bruises on my knees and my right hand. My face was hideous. 

That very night, I was supposed to have a dinner with my family. When our car crashed, I was thinking if I can still see my family after that. It was really a close shave. As for the car, it was damaged upon recognition. My body was aching when I woke up this morning and I felt so exhausted after all these. Our friend even drove us back to the place where the accident took place to show us how the car had crashed. The scenes of the incident keep playing repeatedly in my mind even till now. The lesson for my friends and I to learn - NEVER DRINK, DRIVE & SPEED.


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