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Found it!

Remember this post? I was looking high and low for it through my previous posts. Look at the sentences in bold red.

June 24, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding

Or rather my 'Buddy's'. Was in a mood of mixed touched & sad...I am really happy for him but the wedding was like it was only dream...a dream that came once and that I have to accept it be it I like it or not.

So happy to see most of my sec schmates. All grown-up. I missed my school fun...this wedding kinda give us a reason to gather and remember each other. They all don't change much. I think I changed the most. Sad.

Saw serene, who I missed the most. Finally got a chance to take pics with her. We always tell ppl how gd we are and this and that but we never take pics together before. So damn pathetic.

I drank like nobody's business yesterday. Everybody's busy sabotaging each other. Ha. So fun. After that, we still head down to Dragonfly. Don't know why nowadays I start to chiong so much. Maybe I'm afraid when I were to settle down, I won't have a chance. Everyone's getting married soon. So stress. I'm getting older but don't wanna get married first :p

Saw Alan. Long time customer. Nice guy. Always buy like hundreds of shots. Too bad Ah Leng's not there. He treated me like a princess when I was in my dancing days. Wanted to thank him for the support but didn't have the chance. Just wanna know that he's doing well. Alan bought 2 trays of vodka. Me, Janice & Mel drank all of them. Yucks. I wondered how I could drink that kinda stuff in the one and half years of my life. All the ppl must have thought I were crazy.

Yesterday I just drank and drank and I didn't even knowI  how I could still go to geylang eat and get home. WTF. Then this morning woke up like a Siao Cha Boh. Then when I burped, still taste of apples and vodka I drank yday. Really disgusting. Whenever I drink, I just can't stop. Really a bad habit of mine. The funniest thing is, I told my friends I've quit smoking and I actually took a puff in front of all my friends in Dragonfly....wah kaoz....What am I trying to tell?? *Slap myself*


I have finally found 'him' and now, I can thank him everyday for everything that he has done for me. He dotes on me like none of my other boyfriends. He has proven himself all the time that he is better than my previous boyfriend and told me to forget about him. I'm really blessed to have known him. Without him, I would still be struggling in my past relationship.


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